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Liquid Argon Supplies


Ace Cryogenic supply a highest quality Liquid Argon with a purity of 99.99% minimum

Application and use of Liquid Argon


In the semiconductor industry, argon is used in a number of device fabrication steps but its largest volume use is as a protective atmosphere in the manufacture of single crystal silicon by a number of processes known as crystal pulling.


Argon is used as a shielding gas for MIG and TIG Welding processes and plasma-cutting.Argon is used alone or mixed with other gases such as helium, carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen or hydrogen.


Argon can be used for the assist gas for the laser cutting of titanium as well as laser welding in CO2, ND:YAG and Diode machines.


The argon-oxygen decarburising (AOD) process is the most common method of refining stainless steel. Argon is used to prevent oxidation of molten metals and alloys and for degassing and desulphurisation of molten iron and steel.

Spectrographic analysis

Arc-spark analysis uses argon in the process of measuring the characteristic wavelength of light generated by striking an arc onto the metallic sample being analysed.

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